Inventory Of Over 30,000 Products

Water And Wastewater Products

Along with its long-standing reputation for high quality products and reliable service, C.I. Thornburg (CITCO) is separated from its competition by its immense onsite inventory. We simply carry every water and wastewater product that a municipality or contractor could possibly need! And, since 1931, our customers know that we always stand behind our products. Among the products we offer are:


Pool Treatment Chemicals
Water Treatment Chemicals And Pool Chemicals

Pipes, Valves And Fittings

Pipe, Fittings, Service Brass and More
Pipe, Fittings, Service Brass and More

Water Meters

CI Thornburg EJP iperl Water Meter
Water Meters And Water Meter Technology

Engineered Products

Engineered Control Panels
Pumps, Specialty Valves And Electrical Control Panels

What does this all-encompassing inventory mean for our customers?

Reliability. Our customers can count on us to have exactly what they need, when they need it. They can also rest assured that CITCO will stand behind every product purchased. Likewise, they know that we offer 24/7, 365 service in times of crisis!

Efficiency. With everything on-hand, CITCO is your one-stop shop for water and wastewater needs – saving time and frustration.

Administrative Ease. Because municipalities and contractors can find everything they need at CITCO, they also get the advantage of less administrative hassle – fewer purchase orders, fewer payments, etc.

Cost-Savings. As if these other benefits weren’t enough, CITCO also offers loyalty and bulk purchase rewards that can result in significant cost-savings.

We look forward to supplying all of your water and wastewater product needs! Click here to learn more about our municipal services, contractor services, and custom service and installation!

Success Stories

Cawood Water District (Ronnie Williams, General Manageer)

As the former General Manager of the Water District I signed an agreement with the CI Thornburg Company known as the Clean Water Program in which they revamped the plant delivery system of all chemicals and updated all tanks, pumps and lines.  This improvement not only aided in the delivery of the chemical to the raw water at a more sure and constant rate but the chemicals themselves far out succeeded the former chemicals we used. This resulted in a better product for our customers and made our jobs easier and quicker.

As a contractor I have received such a great service in order and delivery of my products which has allowed me to faster serve water districts and municipalities. This faster service creates shorter downtimes of water outages to customers.  

In conclusion the CI Thornburg Company ( Tony Omohundro, Sales Rep. for our area, James and Marty, Field Techs for our area, Sandy, Field Tech for specialties ) and their employees are beyond professional and courteous and I would highly recommend them and their services to anyone.

Knott County Water and Sewer District (Jerry Hall, WTP Supervisor)

 A few years ago, we had an issue with our chlorine scales that resulted in running out of chlorine gas with no warning. It was late in the evening on a Saturday. I made a call to CITCO and by around 3am we were back up and running with a full cylinder. In this business you can’t predict the problems you may be faced with, but one thing is for sure, you can count on the fact that when you call CITCO, they will do everything in their power to make sure everything is taken care of in a timely manner. The entire team at the Lexington branch in particular, have always went above and beyond what was expected. They are professional, dependable, reliable, and knowledgeable in every aspect. Doing business with a company that has people you can count on is truly comforting, especially in emergency situations. Thank you, C. I. Thornburg, for all your hard work and dedication to the Knott County Water and Sewer District!

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