Mini Bulk ChemicalsCITCO Mini Bulk System & Service

We believe being a chemical distributor is more than just delivery of chemicals. The C.I. Thornburg Co., Inc. believes that responsible distribution includes safety, education, efficiency, chemistry that works, and 24hr/365 day service.

Our CITCO Mini Bulk System & Service Agreements have allowed CITCO to make sure that all of our customers needs are met by customizing each system to meet their requirements.


Our system creates the safest way to feed chemical at your plant. Our system reduces the risk of spill hazard and on the job injury of handling drums and totes.


We provide the highest quality safety and security training to all customers that have our system.


Our systems use space inside of your plant’s the most efficient way. No space is wasted. Drums and Totes can take up much needed space inside of your treatment areas.

Chemistry That Works

We provide the highest quality coagulants and products in the market. Our Chemical Specialist make sure that you have the highest quality water treatment for the best price.

24hr/365 Day Service

We are always here to meet any emergency or need that you may have. Your emergency is our problem to solve and we pride ourselves on being a partner to solve any unforeseen issues that may occur.