What Others Say About Us

Mayor Carolyn Rader, City of Ripley

“Not often enough do we take the time to express our appreciation of the service which you have given to the City of Ripley.  Prompt, courteous, professional and valuable services have been associated with C.I. Thornburg.  Jon Abshire is an excellent representative of  your Company.  It is always a pleasure when he stops and checks on your products and services.  He is well informed and ready to share new ideas with us. Thank you for having him in this area. We appreciate your concern for our City and keeping us informed of what is new and what can better serve our needs in the City of Ripley.”

Larry Smith, Chief Operator  – City of Kenova

“I have been the Chief Operator for Kenova Municipal Water for the past 7 years. When I took over the water system here, we were in serious need of improvements in almost every aspect of our operations. During this time I have worked with several companies to help meet the needs of my water system. The one constant has been the presence of The C.I. Thornburg Co., Inc.

C.I. Thornburg has provided me with not only the materials and treatment chemicals needed to operate a system properly, but they also provided me with industry knowledge and support. The professionals at CITCO have a plethora of experience in every facet of this industry ranging from but not limited to water treatment plant optimization, leak detection, metering, valves, telecommunications, consulting, etc..

The Kenova Municipal Water System is the recent recipient of 3 “Drinking Water Performance Gold Awards” for being The Surface Water System of the Year, Most Improved Water System, and for being an Optimized Water Treatment Plant. I owe a great deal of credit to The C.I. Thornburg Company for our successes. Their dedication to us and our system has been a tremendous blessing and I know that without the great teamwork with CITCO, these awards would be nearly unattainable for us.

It is a great pleasure working with CITCO and a great feeling knowing they are always there to help.”

Gary Osborne and the Water Plant Staff

“We at the Carlisle Water Treatment Plant would like to thank your company but in particular Sandy Parr, Brian and John for all of the assistance and hard work and dedication they put in on fixing our river pump. Their tireless efforts are the reason our customers have safe potable water to drink today. Again we really appreciate the efforts of everyone in your company.”

Mayor Alan Haught, Harrisville, WV

“The Town of Harrisville and the Hughes River Water Board have had a wonderful working relationship with C.I. Thornburg over the years. Whenever the Town has had an emergency, they have bent over backwards to get us the necessary tools, equipment or manpower to get things back in working order. When working on water or sewer projects, they have been instrumental in providing the things that build a long lasting system for our customers. Their diligence in providing up-to-date equipment is of utmost importance to the Town and its customers.”

City of Thomas – Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend the Field Services staff of C. I. Thornburg Company (CITCO). Due to new requirements of the NPDES discharge permit, the City of Thomas needed to make improvements to the WWTP on a very limited budget. HACH pH and temperature monitoring probes were designed for installation in biological cells 1 thru 5. The existing 6” DI air piping was redesigned to better balance the air flow to the five reactors. Pitot tubes were installed in the air piping to measure the air flow to each reactor. The CITCO Field Services staff worked closely with me by asking good questions related to the installation prior to the field work. The Field Services crew arrived on time and proceeded to complete the installation. As with most retrofits, there were unanticipated problems encountered during the installation. The CITCO crew had excellent equipment and extra parts and tools in the very well-equipped field vehicles. Supports were needed for the pH probes and the quick connect couplings on the pitot tubes. The CITCO crew went the extra mile to purchase needed materials at a local supplier and fabricate excellent support systems in the field. The installation was completed on-time and within budget. It was a pleasure to work with the “Can do” CITCO crew to install these needed improvements. The nitrification process is now treating greater than 250 mg/l ammonia nitrogen to less than the NPDES permit limits. Thanks to CITCO for a job very well done!”

Rick Fletcher, Manager – Mt. Sterling Water and Sewer

“On August 4th of this year this facility experienced a lightning strike which took out most of our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) rendering all automated components of this system inoperable. Meaning we had no automated control allowing us to turn on and off equipment, i.e. pumps and motors, remotely nor could we receive signals from our ground and elevated water storage tanks allowing us to monitor the amount of water held in storage at any given time. Once we were able to evaluate our options for returning this system to operation it was decided that given the age of this equipment and the extent of the damage it was in our best interest to replace this system completely. In evaluating companies to build and install a complete system, most gave us a time frame of 14 weeks plus. Given our dilemma having guys turn pumps on and off manually and monitoring tower levels around the clock this may as well have been an eternity. Knowing our predicament Thornburg agreed to rush the build to have this system in place in 4 weeks. When all was said and done, although not complete, this system was operational even sooner than projected. For that we are grateful to C.I. Thornburg for their expertise, diligence and commitment throughout this process. We are very pleased and satisfied with the operation of our new Wonder Ware™ system.

Our old system was a patch work of multiple upgrades over the years and it took some rather innovative programming to keep it operational. Given we were already a C.I. Thornburg customer, Thornburg felt responsible that some of the programming choices made with regard to that system could have been better designed and been more straight forward, than those implemented. As a bonus, Thornburg not only agreed to install our new SCADA system in a third of the time of their competitors, they also offered us a deep discount as a result of some of the past problems experienced with our old system, which they we under no obligation or insistence from us to do. In this day and age when it seems to be all about the “bottom line” it is refreshing to do business with a company who not only does what they say they will when they say they will do it, it is especially satisfying to be affiliated with a company who when in their mind “provides a service less than what they feel they are capable of” stands up and take ownership of that fact. For that we are greatly appreciative and intend to affiliate ourselves with Thornburg for many years to come.”

Ann Farrar, President – Wyngate Condominium Association

“We would like you to know how much we appreciate your prompt response to our problem at the pump station which services four of our residents. We were not aware this pump station existed until the problem arose and we called Joe Peterman at the Village of Barboursville. He recommended we call you and since we were a new customer, we were pleasantly surprised that you had someone on the way to help us within an hour after calling and our residents had their normal service back on Friday since you were able to find all the parts needed for repair.

If you feel we should set up some kind of a preventative maintenance program for this pump station, please let us know. We do not have phone service or a staff in the Club House Office but you can reach me at 304-634-6382.

Thank you for providing us with the excellent service and the very courteous and efficient personnel doing the work. Everyone in our community have been impressed.”

Dianna Wright, WV Department Of Natural Resources

“And I want to extend our thanks to your staff for helping make everything go smoothly. Steve did a great job getting the deliveries arranged. Then the driver phoned the technicians at both sites notifying them of expected delivery time, which meant my staff didn’t have to sit around and wait. I appreciate the great customer service we received from your company.”

Joe Woodall, Middleport Village Administrator

“The Village of Middleport and I would like to thank you for all of your dedication and hard work. First, for several years now you have provided our water and wastewater treatment chemicals. On the week before Labor Day last year we had an oversight of ordering chemicals at the beginning of the week. On that Friday I called late in the afternoon to try to get a delivery knowing we could not make it until the following week on chemicals. You delivered late that afternoon so we could stay in compliance at our WWTP. I know the driver had to been staying late that evening to get this accomplished. Second, Middleport decided to pursue a radio read water metering system. This was a huge decision on my part as well as the Mayor and Council. I want to thank everybody involved with this project. John, Rod and Jeremy you went out of your way to show us the operation and analytics of the Sensus metering system. You allowed us to visit several municipalities where this system was installed making sure we had all the knowledge and feedback we needed in making our decision. Finally, your service has been outstanding. The sales people in the field talk on a level that you can relate to and trust. It is never with the normal “sales pitches” but the facts and like I am talking to my neighbor or next of kin on my front porch.”

Jon Blalock – Superintendent, South Hopkins Water District

“In 2014 our district began a search for a new telemetry system. I contacted CI Thornburg and requested information about the components of their systems and asked to visit their facility. They invited me to their facility and showed me what they had to offer. They not only met my expectations, they exceeded them. After agreeing on a price and product, installation was timely. All staff were professional, courteous, and willing to answer questions. Now that time has passed, we continue to be satisfied with the product. Special Thanks to Sam Warnock, Control Systems Manager – for making this a seamless transaction.”

Jeff Morrison – C.I. Thornburg Company

“I just spoke with Doug Mitchell at Western Fleming WTP regarding our work at the water treatment plant. He is VERY pleased with our work on the installation of their Allen Bradley VFD’s for their high service pumps and highly complementary of our Service staff. This job was a true team effort and he acknowledged it was a very difficult scenario we stepped into and had to navigate. He said his high service pumps are working exceptionally well, the best they have ever operated. He thoroughly appreciated our due diligence and meticulous attention to detail. Although this project took longer than anticipated, I believe this gave us another feather in our cap and a future long standing relationship with Doug and Western Fleming. I would like to personally thank our Lexington service staff and Randy for a phenomenal job of installation and trouble shooting, and Jon K for working around scheduling conflicts and aiding towards the completion of this project. I feel we really took a lot away from this project and can build upon the acquired knowledge to attribute it to future opportunities down the pipeline. Thanks Jon, Brian, Sandy, Marty and Randy!”

Randy Clark – C.I. Thornburg Company

“I spoke this morning to Danny Layton, the new water superintendent at the City of Kingwood, WV, and he wanted me to relay a heart-felt “Thank You” to Brad Ball for his willingness to travel 2-1/2 hours on a Friday evening to deliver a new level transducer in order for them to control their clearwell over the weekend.“