Engineered Products, Including Pumps, Specialty Valves And Electrical Control Panels

Wilo-EMU Pumps – Kentucky Only

Submersible Sewage Pumps
Grinder Pumps
Split Case Water Pumps
Vertical Multi-Stage Water Pumps

Chemtrac – Kentucky Only

Laboratory Streaming Current Analyzer
Online Streaming Current Monitor
Online Total and Free Chlorine Analyzer
pH Monitor
ORP Monitor
Dissolved Oxygen Monitor
Particle Counter / Online Monitor
Suspended Solids
Turbidity Meters
Online and Portable Organics Monitor

ABS Pumps – West Virginia Only

Submersible Solids Handling Pumps
Grinder Pumps

Rotork Actuators – West Virginia Only

Electric Valve Actuators
Pneumatic Valve Actuators
Hydraulic Valve Actuators
Pakscan Control Network

Bermad Control Valves – Kentucky and West Virginia Only

Pressure Reducing Valves
Pressure Sustaining Valves
Pump Control Valves
Surge Control Valves
Rate of Flow Control Valves
Altitude Valves
Solenoid Controlled Valves
Check Valves

Stenner Peristaltic Chemical Feed Pumps

Fixed Speed Feed Pump
Manual Adjustable Speed Feed Pump
Manual Variable Speed Motor Feed Pump
Automatic Flow Paced Feed Pump
Tank Systems

LMI Diaphragm Chemical Feed Pumps

Diaphragm Feed Pumps
Tank Systems
Chemical Feed Accessories

Saf-T-Flo Chemical Injection

Customizable chemical injection quill for all chemical feed applications

Regal / Chlorinators, Incorporated

Chlorine Gas Feed Equipment
Sulfur Dioxide Gas Feed Equipment
Ammonia Gas Feed Equipment
Automatic Switchover Gas Feed Systems
Automatic Flow Paced Gas Feed Systems
Chlorine and Sulfur Dioxide Gas Detectors
Vacuum Monitoring Equipment
Mechanical and Electrical Gas Cylinder Scales


Tablet Calcium Hypochlorite Feed Systems

Force Flow Scales

Hydraulic and Electronic Gas Cylinder Scales
Hydraulic and Electronic Drum Scales
Hydraulic and Electronic Bulk Storage Tank Scales
Ultrasonic Tank Level Monitors

Rosemount Analytical

Magnetic Flow Meters
Pressure Transmitters
Differential Pressure Transmitters / Manifolds
Flow Elements (Orifice Plates, Annubar, Vortex etc.)

Primary Flow Signal

Venturi Flow Elements
Wedge Flow Elements
Orifice Plate Flow Elements

Hach Company

Lab Instruments
Meters and Probes
Portable Instruments
Reagents and Standards
Online Analyzers
Controllers and Sensors
Automatic Samplers
Test Kits and Strips

Grundfos USA

Booster Pumps
Controls & Monitoring
Dosing Pumps
End Suction Pumps
Immersible Pumps
In-Line Pumps
Pump Systems
Sewage Pumps
Split Case Pumps
Submersible Well Pumps
Vertical Turbines

Engineered Product Brands We Carry