Water, Water Everywhere: Paean to a Vanishing Resource

 In Water Sources

This exhibition is comprised of 30-second to 30-minute films from forty-five artists worldwide exploring water issues from the political to the personal and from ethics to aesthetics, with works that are documentary, experimental, educational, humorous, solemn, animated or acted.

The exhibition is curated by Jennifer Heath, an independent scholar, award-winning cultural journalist, critic, curator and activist. Her many exhibitions include The Veil: Visible & Invisible Spaces, and The Art We Love to Hate: Black Velvet. She is the author of nine books of fiction and non-fiction, including Land of the Unconquerable: The Lives of Contemporary Afghan Women, from the University of California Press.

The exhibit is a project of Baksun Books & Arts. For more information on this exhibit, visit Water, Water Everywhere: Paean to a Vanishing Resource.

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